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Snow White Georgette 3XL Scrunchies


Georgette scrunchies, the perfect accessory to add elegance to any hairstyle. Made from lightweight georgette fabric, they have a unique texture that’s gentle on hair and comfortable to wear. These scrunchies are perfect for everyday use or special occasions, and with their reusable and easy-to-maintain design, they’re also an eco-friendly option. Ideal for hijab wearers, they create a natural shape and come in muted tones for low visibility.

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Material: Georgette

Color: Snow White

Size: 3XL

Hair Type: All

Design: Fashionable and Comfortable

Care instructions: Hand wash, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat

Suitable For: Everyday wear or special events as a fashion accessory

Benefits: Gentle on hair, reducing breakage and damage


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