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Licac Sarah Jilbab With Skirt


Abaya Size Chart

The Jilbab and Skirt set is designed for those who prefer a more traditional and modest style of clothing. The set comes in a beautiful lilac color and is made from Nida fabric, a high-quality material known for its softness and durability.

The Jilbab is a loose-fitting garment that is designed to provide full coverage of the body, including the head, arms, and legs. It features a long, flowing skirt that reaches down to the ankles and a hood that can be worn over the head for added coverage. The Jilbab is perfect for those who want to maintain a modest and elegant appearance while still feeling comfortable and free to move.

The Skirt in the set is designed to be worn underneath the Jilbab and provides an additional layer of coverage. It is also made from Nida fabric and has a loose, flowing fit that allows for ease of movement. The skirt reaches down to the ankles and provides full coverage of the legs.

Overall, this Jilbab and Skirt set in lilac color is a perfect choice for those who prefer a modest and elegant style of clothing. The high-quality Nida fabric ensures durability and comfort, while the loose-fitting design provides ample coverage without compromising on style. This set is suitable for various occasions, including formal events, religious ceremonies, and everyday wear.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 3 cm


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